Sashimi Grade - Wild CA King Salmon

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Sashimi Grade - Wild CA Salmon:
Want to eat your Wild California King Salmon raw? Show your friends you're culinary sushi skills. This fish has been hand selected and frozen first for safe raw consumption.
Frozen Immediately:
Frozen fish is not bad if it's cared for immediately. When your fisherman freezes it right away, you can be sure the quality of your fish is still exceptional.
Quantity = Pounds:
Please choose how many pounds of fish you would like to order

We have closed our online orders for this week, see you tomorrow! 6am for first come first serve - 9am-11am for pre-order pickups - Don’t miss the boat, stay connected with the working waterfront. Text “Add” to 805-273-4488 - you’ll get on our fresh catch list and be the first to know what seafood we harvest next week.


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