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What’s for dinner tonight?  Before your reach into the freezer to pull out an over-processed and under-value fillet, sink your line on this thought…..”What if I could have my choice of truly fresh fish ready to enjoy whenever I want?”  That’s where we come in! Real-time updates on what YOUR neighborhood fishermen have on the boat, before it even arrives dock side. 

Ventura Fresh Fish is your source for today’s catch. Not last weeks catch, and never previously frozen. Truly fresh, authentically fresh, direct from the boat fresh.  We're always out fishing, and sourcing from Ventura County local fishermen to deliver immediately caught seafood directly to you.  No more grocery store fillets with a not-so-fresh-smell, Ventura Fresh Fish are guaranteed to delight every Seafood lover.  Enjoy healthy meals and reap the benefits of eating fresh fish directly from your Fishermen! 


Capt. Evan & Kat Jones - Ventura Harbor Dockside Market - Established June 2017 



Captain Evan Jones

F/V Zeal - F/V Stars and Stripes

A genuine guy with a organic love for the ocean. Although, commercial fishing is his profession, it's also his favorite thing to do. There's not a single day that goes by that he hasn't check the weather; In fact several times. 

Originally from Ontario, Canada. Capt. Evan has fallen in love with Southern California and delights in calling Ventura, CA his home. Capt. Evan uses rod and reel for several species of fish, runs a Lightboat for squid, and fishes for California Spiny Lobsters in the winter months.