California King Salmon aka Chinook

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California King Salmon aka Chinook:
There's a reason these gorgeous fish are called Kings! They are truly amazing! Each one of our fish is single hooked, delicately processed on board our small vessel. Careful care and pride is put in to each and every one of our CA King Salmon.
Whole & Fresh:
Delivering this fish within 24 - 48 hours of harvest is our commitment to you. When you talk about catch, clean, ice, load, transport, and delivery - that's a tall order, and it's what we do. Small batches of pristine quality seafood.
Sizes & Cost:
Our fish are currently averaging 9-11 pounds. We are charging $13.50/lb - when ordering, you will be charged for a 10lb fish. Once we weigh YOUR fish for pickup/delivery we will tag with exact weight. Refund/balance due upon receipt.